Travel authorization (ESTA) for USA

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Terms and conditions

The Company

This website is the property of the company FDS Visa and Entry Permit Consulting Limited, registration number 1624658, based in Hong Kong. The company is an international company that specialized in visa services. We are represented around the world in several different languages.

Our mission

FDS Visa and Entry Permit Consulting Limited’s mission is to provide legal consulting and translation services and consular advice regarding visa and entry permit applications. We provide support in several different languages, mainly European. If you can master the English language, or do not need assistance, you could apply for a visa or permit on your own without using our services.

We provide professional translation for documents you might need to submit when applying for a visa at the embassy. Currently we provide legal and translation services in many languages. You can always contact us in your own language.

We do not offer any services related to ESTA. If you want to apply for an ESTA, please go to The price is US$14.